Techniques of Danzan Ryu


Hand Techniques/ Gentle Arts

# Name Description
1Kata Te Hazushi Ichi"Single Hand Escape 1" - escape from an outside hand grab
2Kata Te Hazushi Ni"Single Hand Escape 2" - escape from an inside hand grab
3Ryo Te Hazushi"Two Hand Escape" - escape from a double wrist grab
4Moro Te Hazushi"Many Hands Escape" - escape from two hands grabbing one
5Yubi Tori Hazushi"Finger Hold Escape" - escape from a finger hold/grab
6Momiji Hazushi"Red Maple Leaf Escape" - escape from a front choke
7Ryo Eri Hazushi"Double Lapel Escape" - escape from a double lapel grab
8Yubi Tori"Finger Hold" - finger lock on the sensitive third finger
9Moro Yubi Tori"Many Fingers Hold" - come-along all fingers hold
10Kata Te Tori"Single Hand Hold" - one hand wrist lock
11Ryo Te Tori"Two Hand Hold" - double wrist lock
12Tekubi Tori Ichi"Wrist Hold 1" - wrist lock from an outside hand grab
13Tekubi Tori Ni"Wrist Hold 2" - wrist lock from an inside hand grab
14Emon Tori"Insignia of Kimono Hold" - break hand from a chest push
15Ryo Eri Tori"Two Hand Lapel Hold" - break and wrist lock from a two-handed lapel grab
16Akushu Kote Tori"Greeting Wrist Hold" - wrist lock from a handshake
17Akushi Ude Tori"Greeting Arm Hold" - arm bar from a handshake
18Akushu Kotemaki Tori"Greeting Winding Wrist Hold" - arm bar and wrist lock from a handshake
19Kubi Nuki Shime"Neck Constriction Escape" - escape from a side headlock
20Hagai Shime"Pin From Behind Constriction" - full nelson

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