American Jujitsu Institute Degree Program

The AJI offers degrees at the Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels. Please read below for a general overview or download the Degree Program Info document for more information.

If you're interested in applying, please mail the completed application to:

AJI Degree Program
c/o Daniel Saragosa
1779 Koikoi St.
Wahiawa, Hi 96796

For more information, please e-mail Professor Daniel Saragosa at:

p r a 0 0 0 5 @ h a w a i i . r r . c o m

Order Your Degree Certificate Online

Please note: prior to requesting your certificate, you must fill out and submit the application. Payment does not automatically infer approval. The approval of the Board of Directors must occur before a certificate is issued.

When ordering your degree certificate, please use the Comments/Instructions to Merchant section within PayPal to indicate:

  1. Your full name. Please ensure the correct spelling.
  2. Type of degree (Bachelor, Doctorate, Associate, etc).
  3. Specialization (Martial Arts or Danzan Ryu Jujitsu)

General Info

The American Jujitsu Institute, 85-745 Kaupuni Pl., Waianae, Hawaii 96792, offers several different degrees in the field of Martial Arts. Degrees are offered for those whose life experiences have enabled them to achieve a level of knowledge and specialization which can be translated into a special external degree awarded by the American Jujitsu Institute. These degrees are similar to degrees from conventional schools.

The Institute allows those who have the necessary credentials to participate in a course of study that encompasses the range of personal life experiences and certain selected courses required by the Institute to complete a humanities-oriented external degree program. The course of study is individually tailored for each student. Courses required are chosen to complement life experiences achieved, resulting in a well-rounded curriculum, which prepares the student for final examination in which a presentation to the Board of Directors will determine the degree awarded by the Institute. The Board, depending on the candidate's presentation, may award degrees equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, or Doctorate of Arts.

Degree Granting Authority

In addition to the degrees listed, the American Jujitsu Institute will customize a degree program to meet the student's specialized individual needs. Please note that AJI's degree programs are primarily based on your existing academic and/or extensive occupational and life experiences. Each Bachelor of Arts degree is worth 125 semester credits which will be determined by the length of experience and knowledge. Additional credits can be achieved when extra credits are needed to complete the degree being sought. Each Master of Arts degree requires 30 additional semester credits, and a thesis only is needed in addition for the Doctorate of Arts degree. We provide an official transcript upon completion of the student's program. Original transcripts will be filed in the permanent record at the Institute. Degree verification and official transcripts will be provided when requested, in writing by employers and others authorized by the graduate.

The American Jujitsu Institute was organized and is committed to, every individual who possesses motivation and maturity, and who chooses to combine valuable life experience and professional accomplishment. We recognize that our degree applicants desire an efficient and practical process that delivers personal satisfaction and enhances professional credibility.

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Mailing address

American Jujitsu Institute
c/o Daniel Saragosa, Vice President
1779 Koi Koi St. Wahiawa, Hi 96786
Phone: (808) 224-1142

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